About The Catron County Directory

100% Family Services Directory Project

Catron County

Our directory is far more than a list of service organizations. It is also a way to assess our county’s capacity to meet the needs of all residents. Our 100% New Mexico initiative is working to remove barriers to services and increase access to every community within the county’s borders.

The directory is always a work in progress as resources change. As you read the directory, note that we are a county of around 4000 people, with most services near the main hub in the city of Reserve, population of 500.


We respect that services may change based on many factors, so we called each service agency to double check each service. To be listed on the directory, emails and phone calls went out to individual organizations and a response was required from staff to confirm service details.


  1. A phone conversation between a service representative and directory staffer was required.
  2. Services were either free, offered with a sliding scale or a process was in place to support financial assistance.
  3. The service’s phone had a voicemail that provided information about the agency and services offered.
  4. Service staff responded within a week to a request for information via phone.
  5. Service staff understand that not all residents have access to the internet. 
  6. Services follow all state protocols, when applicable, for licensing and staff accreditation.

Service organizations understand that the 100% Family Services Directory Project is part of a countywide process to gather information on local services and share client feedback in order to improve services. The goal of the directory project is to list as many local family-friendly services as possible. Providers are encouraged to reach out to the local directory staffers to maintain an up-to-date and accurate listing of vital services. Organizations based outside the county providing local services within the county are welcome to be listed. If we missed any service or have inaccurate service descriptions, please contact us. Working together, we can not only link residents to services, but ensure the services are accessible in a timely manner.


The directory allows users to rate each service organization in a variety of categories and can reveal barriers to services such as cost or unfriendly hours. To submit a rating, users need to include at least a few words to put their rating in context. Users may also comment more extensively if they wish. All submissions are read by the local directory team before being published. Feedback from residents becomes part of the overall assessment process.
Currently we are asking residents to rate the following areas related to services:

  • Cleanliness of facilities
  • Easy access to transportation
  • Affordability
  • User-friendly hours
  • Friendly staff
  • Short wait times
  • Staff helpful in referring resident to other service organizations
  • A safe environment
  • Description of service on directory is accurate


The most important question to consider as you review all ten services sectors is: do we have enough services to help 100% of families create healthy and self-sufficient households? 

We reference the 100% New Mexico Catron county survey throughout this page and you can download it here: https://annaageeight.nmsu.edu/index.html 


In our countywide surveys across New Mexico, residents reported the following barriers to services. Note that some services may include almost all barriers while others include a handful of specific challenges. Our county report offers details for county-based 100% New Mexico initiative action teams to analyze.

  • Costs too much
  • Wait list is too long
  • No insurance coverage
  • I can’t find a provider
  • Appointment times don’t work for me
  • It’s too far to travel
  • I don’t have reliable transportation
  • I feel bad and/or worried about going
  • I don’t don’t know where to get this service
  • They don’t speak my language
  • I was told I don’t qualify
  • This service does not exist near me


The Anna, Age Eight Institute offers ideas for reducing barriers to services in all ten service areas, called the services for surviving and thriving. You are invited to visit EYE ON SOLUTIONS to explore projects shown to reduce barriers to services. www.eyeonsolutions.org


We hope you will join us by identifying and addressing gaps in ten services and removing barriers to ensure 100% of Catron County residents can thrive. Contact us for more information on removing barriers and expanding access to the vital services. The 100% New Mexico initiative is one way to mobilize around creating a county where 100% can access services and thrive. Ask us about starting the initiative and about the work the Anna, Age Eight Institute is doing across New Mexico.


Anna, Age Eight Institute: annaageeight@nmsu.edu

Debora Boyer, 100% Catron deborah.boyer@catroncountynm.gov

Visit: Annaageeight.nmsu.edu


We also thank the local volunteer team of researchers, reviewers, proofers and fact-checkers.